Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Newsletter!

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Ag Day at the Capitol

On March 19th, Nevada Union and Bear River FFA chapters teamed up and took a bus ride down to California's State Capitol to celebrate Ag Day and take a stand for Agriculture education. In Governor Browns' latest budget for California, all funding for the Ag Incentive Grant was cut. Every high school with an active FFA chapter in the state (about 312 schools) is able to qualify for the $4.1 million grant and many chapters thrive off the funds this grant provides. Without this grant, many chapters will have to cut back on their activities they have and conferences they attend. On March 19th 1,800 FFA members representing more than 125 chapters rallied at the Capitol to help save FFA. Members of Nevada Union FFA were given the opportunity to visit with many elected officials and tell their stories about Agriculture Education and how it has affected each of them personally as well as participate in a press conference advocating for AB2033. They were able to speak with officials like our own assemblyman Brian Dahle and Senator Jim Nielson from District 4. Members were able to stand on the assembly floor and even caught a glimpse of the governor himself. The day was huge success and our chapter is looking forward to seeing if these efforts paid off!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Apply for Chapter Office!

Want to become a Nevada Union FFA Chapter Officer? CLICK HERE to download the application! Applications are due to Ms. Rowley my Friday, April 25th at 2:30pm! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Redwood Region Logging Conference

On Friday, March 14th, the forestry team members Willow Yeager, Brianna Cebollero, Matt Lane, Teija Evans, and Kimberly Martin traveled with Mrs. Alling to Ukiah for the Redwood Region Logging Conference. The Redwood Region put on an excellent contest at the Mendocino Junior College. After the contest, the forestry team went to the adult contest to talk to real loggers and watch a lumberjack competition. It was awesome to see the Career Development Event of Forestry being applied to real people and real life. A big thank you to the Redwood Region and Mrs. Alling for taking us!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Made For Excellence/Advanced Leadership Academy

Last Friday, 16 NU FFA students attended the Made For Excellence and Advanced Leadership Academy Conference in Sacramento. The members learned about how to improve FFA involvement within the chapter and how to improve community awareness about agriculture. Students had a great time developing their leadership skills and meeting FFA members from other parts of the state. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

State Fair Success!

Congratulations to Nevada Union FFA Alumni Tayler Figueroa for winning Poultry Showmanship at the 2013 California State Fair!

The Nevada Union FFA had a strong showing at the 2013 California State Fair at Cal Expo in Sacramento.

NU graduate Tayler Figueroa made her mark in the poultry showmanship competition. The contest had around 10 exhibitors from across the state.

The competition required Figueroa to pose her chicken, walk the chicken across a table, perform a full examination of the chicken and answer an extensive amount of questions, all in front of a judge, who then had the exhibitors put their birds back in a cage as they awaited results.

Soon thereafter Figueroa was honored with the champion poultry showmanship award for the state of California.

NU’s Trent Jarvis and Brianna Cebollero each showed their market hogs at the state fair.

Swine shows challenge the exhibitors with the task of controlling their animals with as little as a light whip. Exhibitors turn their pigs by barely tapping a whip on their shoulder and waving it past their face. They must maneuver their animals through other hogs in the ring and attempt to have the judge see their animal as much as possible. Jarvis gave it his all and unfortunately did not place in his 266- to 272-pound weight class.

Cebollero took one pig to show in market classes. She placed first with her bred-and-fed barrow in the light-weight, dark-crossbred class.

The two tackled the showmanship portion of the competition the next day. The judge evaluated the skill of the exhibitors in terms of their ability to control their hogs, keep the hog in between themselves and the judge, keep eye contact and much more.

With tough competition from all over the state, Jarvis did not make the first cut of his showmanship heat. Cebollero persevered through many classes and showed her best.

The judge asked the top four showmen to take the microphone and describe what junior livestock shows mean to them. Cebollero placed fourth overall in the state of California.